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Monday, July 6, 2009

Peluang Menjadi Nyata...

Dah lama aku tak update pasal bola, of course lah da minat bola la katakan... Manchester United akan dtg ke Malaysia pada 18 Julai ini. dgn ketiadaan ronaldo, ramai di kalangan peminat kini bermasam muka dan mula menunjukkan kurg minat mereka utk bersama United...
dan menyaksikan perlawanan nanti krn ronaldo adalah ikon bg the red devils.

walau bagaimanapun, kejutan yg dilakukan SAF dalam mengambil Owen selaku pemain baru United musim depan bakal mengembirakan sedikit peminat man utd atau Owen itu sendiri. Ada kemungkinan dia juga akan turut menyertai kem perlawanan Asia Tour nanti. bagi peminat Owen dtg lah dan tgk lah sepuas2nya...

Dan di bawah ini sedikit keratan akhbar yg membncangkan ttg owen ini, adakah penghijrahan secara percuma michael owen ini satu pelaburan yg berguna utk United? bacalah....
"GEORGE BEST and Eric Cantona have both been immortalised on the silver screen in recent times. Bestie's biopic, Best, was released in 2000, while Looking For Eric, starring Cantona, hit cinemas this year.

And if the coming season at Old Trafford goes to plan, Michael Owen could be the next Manchester United star to have Hollywood directors banging on his door - along with Fabio Capello. For if he is a success at the Theatre of Dreams, they should make a film about it, with Tom Cruise playing Owen.

I only hope it does not become a tragedy. I've always been one of Michael's biggest fan but I felt in recent years he appeared to lose his desire. He needed a kick up the backside and Alex Ferguson will provide that. He is going to United to salvage his career for club and country.

If he does well for United, there is the likelihood he will force his way back into England coach Capello's squad for next summer's World Cup finals in South Africa. If Owen fails to make the grade, we'll all know his career at the top level is finished. Not many players get the chance to work with Ferguson at the peak of their careers, never mind the tail end of them.

But the most decorated manager in English football history has seen something in 29-year-old Owen. Like he did with Teddy Sheringham and Henrik Larsson, who, remember, were also no spring chickens when they joined United.

Owen can have the same positive effect as those two. Some have said it is one of the biggest transfer gambles of Fergie's career. I can't see that. If anything, it's one of his shrewdest deals. He has managed to get one of England's best-ever strikers, halve his wages and play on a pay-as-you-play basis. It's no gamble at all. You do not have to be an unbelievable footballer to play up front for United. You just have to be able to stick the ball in the net.

Look at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Andy Cole. Both would agree they were not the greatest players. But they were masters at one aspect - goalscoring. Owen is the same. "

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